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The Mega Combo at Buena Vista is a full day tour where you will enjoy a great variety of activities in one place surrounded by nature and tranquility of the area. The adventures start with short hiking from the canopy house to the first platform of zip line where you will receive all the safety instruction for this tour. The Canopy tour consist of 11 platforms and 10 cables gliding through the top of the trees of the semi-humid tropical forest, during the canopy tour you will have the chance to see some wild life, after you will be ready to enjoy one of the longest water slides in the area with 1320 ft. of pure adventure and excitement in the middle of the Tropical Forest.

A local buffet lunch is included before you take a horseback ride into the tropical forest to the spa (the horseback ride is the way to get to the hot spring, but if you are allergic you will be able to chose the tractor). Before to get the natural treatment, you have to pass by the natural steam sauna where you will get to open the pores and exfoliate your skin with volcanic mud bath and hot spring and sulfuric waters.


Adventure Combo 2 pax $350 - 4 pax $540 - 6 pax $720

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