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This is a day tour to explore Costa Rica´s  amazing rain forest, where we can admire wildlife, flowers, orchids,  native trees, and unique animals like sloths, monkeys, tucans, tree frogs, butterflies and  many more. 

 On this tour, we also visit one of  Costa Rica´s most famous  waterfalls , where you can swim and relax.

We will visit local towns, where we will learn about the Culture. ( optional shopping)

 We also offer a delicious costa rican lunch after food we going to visit a place called Finca Verde it is  a small scale family run eco-tourism project set on an organic farm, located in the northern rainforests of Costa Rica. Over the past 20 years we have converted our land into an eco-paradise, producing ornamental and medicinal plants organically, as well as vegetables, fruits and herbs among other produce. The farm also has a butterfly garden and laboratory, we reproduce rare butterflies and frogs and release them back into their natural habitats.

Sloth Expedition - 2 pax $300 - 4 pax $480 - 6 pax $600

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