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The tour consist of a boat ride across the waters of the Tempisque River, which flows into the Gulf of Nicoya, and borders Palo Verde National Park. The park houses great biological diversity and is located on the Pacific slope of Costa Rica, surrounded by rivers, limestone hills and extensive wetlands. Birds are the main attraction at Palo Verde. During the rainy season, the floodwaters of the Tempisque River spread out, creating extensive marshes that welcome migratory birds from North and South America. Large numbers of aquatic birds can be seen, such as grebes, cormorants, anhingas, herons, storks, spoonbills, caracaras and jaçanas.

Mammal fauna is equally rich and visible here, particularly during the dry season, when peccaries, armadillos, coatis, agoutis, deer, and monkeys, are attracted to the river. There are 13 different habitats within Palo Verde, including mangroves, swampy forests, salty, freshwater, marshes, evergreens, lowlands,and more.



Palo Verde National Park - 2 pax $300 - 4 pax $500 - 6 pax $100

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