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If you are prepared for a great adventure this is without a doubt the ideal option, the Tenorio River to test its adventure skills with its fast classes III and IV (irregular and moderate waves, simple maneuvers in the fast current in its class III) and intense and powerful but predictable in class IV). The ideal place is the ideal place to enjoy the wild times of the tenorio river born in the volcano of the same name. For those initiated in the world of rafting, this trip is an obligation. Your continuous challenges await you as you navigate in the intensity of its waters, with turns, and falls during 8 miles of intense and challenging rapids. All participants must have a good physical condition, and you will enjoy a tipical lunch.

Among the peculiarities of the Tenorio River is a water fall of more than three and a half meters (class V), the only one of its kind. It is important to mention that both this drop and the most intense rapids may or may not be run, allowing you to decide the specific intensity of the route. Due to its strategic location, it is a journey of pure magic, beauty beyond imagining, wildlife in its maximum expression that will take your pulse to the limit.

Tenorio Rafting - minimum 2 pax $260

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